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PRESS KIT - The Great Zoo Escape 2

Basic Info:

Developer:  Sibling Rivalry Games
Publisher:  Sibling Rivalry Games
Release Date:  Feb 20, 2017

Available On:

Platforms:  iOS and Android
Stores:  iTunes, Google Play Store
Price:  Free with In-App Purchases

Social Media:



Press Contact:

Derrick Heemskerk

Linked In:  derrick-heemskerk

About the Game:


After escaping from the zoo in The Great Zoo Escape, you’ve decided to head back to help your friends in the Desert Pavilion. Find objects, use items, go on a scavenger hunt and beat the mini-game in order to help your desert friends escape! If you like quick escape games this is the game for you!!


Are you brave enough and clever enough to free all the animals from the zoo???


• Several puzzle solving rooms

• In-App hint purchases to help with sticky situations

• A variety of animals and animations
• Clues and puzzles

• Numerous items to be found

• Mini game included

• Professional music and sound effects

• Mind challenging strategy

The Team:

Derrick Heemskerk:

- Owner, Game Concept, Puzzle Creator

Favourite Games Growing Up: Dr. Mario, any Mario Brothers games, Mario Kart, Heroes of Might and Magic, Tetris, Advance Wars, Monster Rancher


Favourite Game Genres: Escape Games, Strategy Games, and Tower Defence Games

Linked-In:  derrick-heemskerk


Mohammed Baker:

- Lead Programmer

Mohammed is a stellar programmer and works diligently at all times to produce amazing code for a wealth of mighty projects.  



Linked-In: mohammedms

Thadeus Maximus:

- Art Director, Illustrator, Animation, Concept Artist, UI Design

Thadeus loves his craft and strives to deliver nothing but the best quality he can produce. With a background of years in advertising and an education in illustration and web design, his skills continue to grow and flourish after each project. Thadeus has many ventures in production and looks forward to sharing his passion for quality visuals with wonderful people like you. 



Linked-In: thadeus-maximus

Level Curve Inc:

- Game Audio

Level Curve is a team of composers and sound designers based in Toronto, Canada. The team is passionate about making great sounding games, and has had the privilege of working on fantastic titles such as  Graceful Explosion Machine for the Nintendo Switch, VR shooter Blasters of the Universe, popular kids’ app World of Peppa Pig, and the IGF-nominated A Mortician’s Tale. 

Robby Duguay:

- Music


Matt Miller:

- Sound Effects


The Great Zoo Escape 2 - Video

YouTube Link:



Logo with transparency.   300dpi. 

Logo with green background.   300dpi. 

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