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Everyone who works on a project at Sibling Rivalry Games will be added to our list of Talent and receive publicized credit for their contributions.  At the end of their project they will be evaluated by the other members of the team, which will help determine their compensation and the rating they receive on their profile. This rating will help to increase their credibility and desirability toward future projects. 

As we grow as a company we will have the need to bring on additional staff members.  This section will highlight upcoming opportunities to work on our future projects.  We are hoping to create a broad team of talented individuals that are able to collaborate around the world to produce high quality video games.

Below is a list of the current opportunities available at Sibling Rivalry Games:

3D Animator

We are currently looking for an employee with 3D animation experience.  If you have this experience and wish to work for our fun and friendly company, feel free to contact us using the contact form provided below.  We are looking for portfolio examples and any previous work experience.

Thank you for your submission! We look forward to seeing your excellent work. Message successfully sent.

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